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Welcome to Wakanda Inu NFT raffle draw

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How it Works ?

How it works, assuming NFT mint price is set to 0.03 BNB (~$10) in a cycle

The total generated from the cycle is equal to 60 BNB

Prize Pool 50% (30 BNB) goes to the prize pool where at least 300 unique entries will get up 0.1 BNB (~$30) each.

Referral Bonus 5% (3 BNB) is for referrals, ensuring each referral bonus on winning entries will get up to 0.01 BNB. The more winning referrals, the more higher the bonus.

DAO 12% (7.2 BNB) will be used for funding projects, drive marketing, exchange listings and assist our $WKD holders community-approved charity efforts.

Top Holders 3% (1.8 BNB) of funds is distributed to holders of NFTs that are upgraded from the minted NFT types. These NFT holders have the rarest NFTs that will become very valuable in Wakanda Inu development journey

Buy back and burn 15% (9 BNB) is accumulated and used to buy back and burn $WKD tokens from wakandaswap or pancakeswap at intervals of 7 days. If a cycle runs each day, in a week, 63 BNB (~ $18,900) will be used to buy back and burn $WKD NFTs creating a healthy floor price for $WKD.

Platform The remainder of the funds is used for maintaining the platform, marketing, consultation fees, hiring developers etc.

I did not win. What now? Every participant in the raffle is a winner. Winners from the raffle draws are required to burn their NFTs while claiming their prizes. This means everyone else get to keep their minted NFTs. These NFTs are required for upgrading to the rarer NFTs. This possibility alone opens up more interesting potentials of $WKD ecosystem which will be revealed soon.

Benefits ?

How does this benefit $WKD holders?

Each NFT will be purchased with BNB. 15% of the total amount generated in each cycle will be used for buying back and burning $WKD Inu tokens weekly, improving the price of $WKD.

DAO funds will be used to fund projects that further promote the use-case of $WKD Inu tokens and WKD NFTs thus growing our ecosystem in general. $WKD Inu token holders will be able to vote on how funds from the WKD DAO is utilized.

Wakanda Inu NFTs SHOULD NOT be considered financial investment. Wakanda Inu NFTs is not responsible for losses or errors you experience while using it's website, platform, or games and you should use at your own risk. NO information on this website, platform, or games should be considered financial advice. Wakanda Inu NFTs should be considered high risk and you should not participate with more money than you can afford to lose.